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Nevada Cancer Plan

Nevada Cancer Plan


A framework for improving quality of life.

Healthy communities across Nevada with equitable access to quality cancer care and support for everyone — that is the vision for the Nevada Cancer Plan 2021-2025.

2021-2025 Nevada Cancer PlanThe 2021-2025 Nevada Cancer Plan is a living document providing a framework for stakeholders throughout the state to take action in reducing the burden of cancer for Nevadans. It’s our fourth cancer plan, building upon the successes and challenges of past plans and developed with through the collaboration of stakeholders from throughout the state. This plan is specific to the needs of our state, while still aligning with national cancer control priorities.

Based on the most current data, scientific evidence, and evidence-based practices, this five-year plan provides a common set of goals spanning the cancer continuum, with a focus on health equity throughout.

The plan is based on five goal areas:

  • PREVENT cancer by reducing exposure to risk factors.
  • INCREASE EARLY DETECTION of cancers to reduce late-stage diagnosis.
  • ENSURE EQUITABLE ACCESS to health care for Nevadans.
  • IMPROVE QUALITY OF LIFE for those diagnosed with cancer.
  • PROVIDE HIGH QUALITY DATA to support and inform cancer control efforts and promote research to improve cancer prevention, detection, diagnosis, and treatment.

Past Cancer Plans

2016-2020 Nevada Cancer Plan

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