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NCCR LogoThe Nevada Central Cancer Registry — aggregating data to help us improve cancer care in Nevada.

The Nevada Central Cancer Registry (NCCR) is a population-based registry that maintains data on all cancer patients residing in the state of Nevada. Anyone that diagnoses and/or treats cancer in our state must submit this data to the NCCR. The NCCR provides statistical cancer data to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as well as epidemiologists, health researchers, and others in the medical and allied health professions. Information and reports produced by organizations ranging from National Cancer Institute and National Institutes of Health to American Cancer Society and Nevada Cancer Coalition rely on data from the NCCR.

Information from the NCCR is intended to identify cancer risk, evaluate cancer patient care, and characterize leading trends in cancer incidence, survival, and mortality among state residents. Watch this video to see how cancer registry data impacts cancer control efforts across the nation.

Data collected by the NCCR includes patient demographics, type of cancer, and treatment information. Only de-identified data is provided in reporting, and strict confidentiality rules are enforced to protect data and confidentiality. 

Read the NCCR's recent CDC Success Story 

The North American Association of Central Cancer Registries (NAACCR) created the short video below to explain the work of central cancer registries and NAACCR itself.



How the Nevada Cancer Coalition benefits from NCCR

The Nevada Cancer Coalition uses data from the NCCR to develop each five-year Nevada Cancer Plan. With this data, we are able to better define the areas where healthcare professionals can emphasize their work to affect the greatest change