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Cancer Screening Training Modules

Cancer Screening Training Modules


Nevada Cancer Coalition and early detection partners are developing a training module for community health workers, medical assistants, and other interested healthcare professionals to learn more about cancer screening programs and best practices. The modules cover breast and cervical cancer screening in partnership with the Women's Health Connection program, and colorectal cancer screening in partnership with the Colorectal Cancer Control Program. While each module is developed materials will be added as they are completed. Please check back monthly for new resources and webinars. 

Participants completing each training module, including passing each post-test, will receive a certificate of completion for Nevada Cancer Coalition's Cancer Screening Certification program.

Breast and Cervical Cancer Module

Colorectal Cancer Module

Cancer Screening Certificate

NCC's Cancer Screening Certification is an opportunity for community health workers, medical assistants, administrative office staff, and other interested healthcare professionals to earn recognition for efforts to enhance their knowledge of cancer early detection. Please see the list below for each module's certification.


  • Some webinars are used in more than one certification module; you only need to watch the webinar and take the post-test once and your passing score will qualify in both modules.
  • All webinars will be made available as they are produced. Those that are complete will have links to recordings on the module tab. Upcoming webinars will have registration links provided as they are scheduled.

Breast and Cervical Cancer Certificate

Colorectal Cancer Certificate

Cancer Survivorship Certificate

Project ECHO Nevada, Cancer Survivorship Clinics

We are excited to announce our Project ECHO Nevada series which is being held in partnership with the University of Nevada, Reno, School of Medicine! This ECHO clinic will provide an introduction to issues in cancer survivorship and opportunities to increase knowledge in effectively caring for survivors. This series features multiple guest speakers who will share information on fitness, nutrition, tobacco cessation, POLST, and many other areas of cancer treatment and survivorship.

Cancer survivors are individuals living with and beyond cancer. They become survivors from the time of diagnosis through the remainder of their lives. Today, more than two-thirds of those diagnosed with cancer are told they can expect to live at least five years after diagnosis. According to the American Cancer Society, in Nevada there are currently an estimated 120,200 cancer survivors and in 2019, 14,810 people will be diagnosed with cancer. Our health-care system does not yet consistently support the delivery of coordinated care between primary care and oncology specialists. This series hopes to address survivors' ongoing needs with improved outcomes and quality of life for cancer survivors'.

Cancer Survivorship ECHO Clinics

Project ECHO Special Series