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“The one thing I had was a supportive friend who was willing to go with me to all the appointments and listen to all the doctors and be my memory because I had none.” – Nevada Cancer Survivor


Caregivers play a vital role in supporting those with cancer. Caregiving for someone with cancer can include many different levels of support, from helping a friend or family member with daily activities, to providing care coordination, or simply being there for emotional support.  

The challenging role of caregiving can lead to increased levels of both emotional and physical stress, which are common. Caregivers often place the needs and feelings of their loved one before their own. The National Cancer Institute notes that many caregivers, when looking back, say they took too much on themselves and wished they’d asked for help sooner.

There are a number of resources available to support caregivers so they not only have the tools and information to care for their loved one, but also the assistance to give themselves essential care and support. Search our online resource directory by selecting the “For Caregivers and Family” category to find resources in your area or national organizations that include supports such as:

  • Caregiver mentoring and support groups
  • Online tools to connect friends and family, coordinate care
  • Respite and in-home care
  • Communication kit to improve effectiveness of giving and receiving information from healthcare professionals
  • And more.

Additional resources include:

National Cancer Institute – Support for Caregivers of Cancer Patients
Family Caregiver Alliance
Nevada Caregivers Coalition
Nevada Care Connection
Washoe Caregivers Guidebook English or Spanish