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Early Detection

Early Detection

The next best thing to preventing cancer.

Early detection means finding and diagnosing a disease earlier than might have happened if you’d waited for symptoms to start. We know that early detection of cancer greatly increases the chances for successful treatment and outcome. Certain cancers are easier to detect than others, making them the most treatable and providing the best success rates. These early detectable cancers include: breast, cervical, colorectal and lung.

Early detection is only possible when individuals and their healthcare providers are vigilant. Nevada Cancer Coalition aims to educate the community about early detection and provide screening information in order to help find these cancers early, when they are most treatable.

Preventing Cancer in the Workplace

Developing PTO Policy FlyerResearch shows that employers who offer a cancer screening policy will experience a healthier and more productive workforce, as well as spending less on direct medical costs, workers’ compensation/disability costs, replacement costs for ill/injured workers, and costs for recruiting and training new workers.

Nevada Cancer Coalition has developed a framework for developing a paid leave policy for cancer screenings. If you would like us to attend an employee health fair, be a guest speaker, share information for your employee newsletters, or provide other resources, please contact us today. Click on the button below to learn more.

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