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Cancer Prevention Task Force

Cancer Prevention Task Force
03:00 pm

Join the Cancer Prevention Task Force to work on cancer prevention activities including Sun Smart Nevada and community outreach programs.

Task Force Objectives:

Align with Prevention Objectives and Strategies as detailed in Nevada’s Cancer Control Plan. Broadly, cancer prevention objectives include addressing the following: 

  • Increasing completion of the HPV vaccination series among Nevada youth. 
  • Decreasing adult and youth smoking/vaping; decreasing youth initiation of smoking/vaping; decreasing exposure to secondhand smoke. Details are outlined in the 2019 - 2023 Nevada Tobacco Control Plan. 
  • Reducing the percentage of youth and adults who are obese.
  • Decreasing the average radon concentration in homes through testing and mitigation.  
  • Increasing UV safety policies in schools and educate about skin cancer prevention.

Contact Christine Thompson to be join the task force and receive news and information about its activities.
Chairpersons: Deb Harris


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