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Powerful Tools for Caregivers July/August - Virtual Session

Powerful Tools for Caregivers July/August - Virtual Session
10:30 am

Are you taking care of an adult relative, partner, friend or parent with cancer? Powerful Tools for Caregivers gives you the skills to take care of yourself while caring for someone else. By taking care of your own health and well-being, you become a better caregiver. We hope you walk away feeling refreshed and more confident in your role.

Let us teach you how to put life back in your life.

Join a team of professionals as they help you achieve better:​

Emotional Management
Reduces guilt, anger, and depression

Self Confidence
Increased confidence in coping with daily demands

Self-care behaviors
Increased exercise, relaxation, and medical check-ups

Community Resources
Increased use of local services

Workshops are Wednesdays, July 21 - August 25 from 10:30 a.m. to noon via Zoom.

via Zoom