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Cervical Cancer

Cervical Cancer

Don’t Let Patients Pass on the Pap

More than half of Nevada’s cases of cervical cancer are late-stage diagnoses. We can do better for women in Nevada, and we can do it together. Below you’ll find resources to help you and your patients.

Evidence-Based Interventions

The Community Guide is a collection of evidence-based findings from the Community Preventive Services Task Force. It's a resource to help you select interventions to improve health and prevent disease in your organization. The following are recommended interventions to increase cervical cancer screening. For complete details, including systematic reviews, tools, in-action stories, and other resources, click here.

For Patients:

One-on-one education  Client reminders
Small media, such as brochures Multi-component interventions

For Providers

Provider reminder and recall systems Provider assessment and feedback

Webinar: Expanded Access to Medicaid Treatment for Breast and Cervical Cancer with Women's Health Connection

Women’s Health Connection

The State of Nevada, through a grant from the National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program, provides free Pap testing or co-testing, as well as diagnostic services after an abnormal Pap, for women ages 21-64 who are uninsured or underinsured and meet income guidelines. The program is administered by Access to Healthcare Network. Learn more about the program and how you can become a program provider and enroll patients by visiting Access to Healthcare Network online or call 844-469-4934.

Vaccines for Children – Increase Your HPV Vaccination Rates

The Nevada VFC Program is administered by the Nevada State Immunization Program. Any physician, healthcare organization or medical practice licensed by the state of Nevada to prescribe and administer vaccines, may enroll as a provider in the Nevada VFC program. Being a VFC provider reduces your up-front costs because you will not have to pay to purchase vaccines for VFC-eligible children. Also, you can charge an administrative fee to offset your costs of doing business. Your patients benefit because they won’t have to go somewhere else to get the vaccines they need, and there is no charge to you, the provider.

Materials and Resources
Screening Wallet Cards English | Spanish
Reminder-Recall Postcard, Fillable English | Spanish
Cervical Cancer Fact Sheet, CDC Handout English | Spanish
What You Need to Know About Cervical Cancer, NIH Booklet English | Spanish
Talking to Parents About HPV Vaccination, CDC Handout Download
Immunize Nevada HPV Vaccination Providers Toolkit Download


View NCC's webinar with Peter C. Lim, M.D.
| Recommended Cancer Screening for Cervical Cancer: Where Does Nevada Track? |

View our CHW Cancer Screening Module.

This webinar discusses cervical cancer screening and covers:

  • What is cervical cancer screening?
  • Why is cervical cancer screening important?
  • What are the possible results of cervical cancer screening?
  • How is cervical cancer diagnosed and treated?
  • How can cervical cancer be prevented?
  • What are common myths and facts about HPV and HPV vaccination?