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You can prevent cancer. That’s a heady feeling, isn’t it?

Data show that your recommendation as a healthcare provider is the single best predictor of whether a parent will decide to vaccinate their child against HPV. Wield your power often, and responsibly. HPV vaccine, which should be administered to both adolescent boys and girls, can prevent cervical, anal, oropharyngeal, vaginal, vulvar, and penile cancers caused by the HPV virus.

Resource: Visit Immunize Nevada online to download their HPV Free NV Toolkit which includes coding information, tips and time-savers for talking with patients and parents about HPV vaccine, details about the 9-valent HPV vaccine, and more.

Talking to Parents CDC Handout Download PDF
HPV Cancer & Prevention Profile Infographic Download PDF

But wait, there’s more.
Since routine hepatitis B vaccination was recommended for children beginning in 1991 the rate of new HBV infections has declined dramatically. HBV can lead to liver cancer, which is increasing in incidence nationally and in Nevada. There are a number of persons that should be vaccinated against hepatitis B.

Resource: CDC Hepatitis B Fact Sheet has details on who should be vaccinated.

The seasonal flu shot and the pneumococcal shot are vital for those living with cancer, as well as for people who care for or live with cancer patients. Living with cancer increases the risk for complications from the flu, including hospitalization and death. Even people undergoing treatment for cancer should receive an annual flu shot.

Resources: CDC Cancer and Flu Fact Sheet and Immunizing Cancer Patients: Which Patients? Which Vaccines? When to Give?

Evidence-Based Interventions

The Community Guide is a collection of evidence-based findings from the Community Preventive Services Task Force. It's a resource to help you select interventions to improve health and prevent disease in your organization. The following are recommended interventions to increase vacciations, including HPV vaccination. For complete details, including systematic reviews, tools, in-action stories, and other resources, click here.

For Patients:

Reducing client out-of-pocket costs Client reminder and recall systems
Community-based interventions implemented in combination Home visits to increase vaccination rates
Health care system-based interventions implemented in combination Requirements for child care, school, and college

For Providers

Immunization information systems, like WebIZ