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Carson Tahoe Health - Patient Navigators

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With early intervention, advanced treatments, and top oncology expertise, cancer is treatable, and at the Carson Tahoe Cancer Center, they are with you every step of the way. Carson Tahoe delivers the highest standard of comprehensive cancer care in one easy-to-access location. Every day, their expert Oncologists, compassionate staff and healing environment lead the way when it comes to the integrated experience patients need to thrive through their cancer journey.

The Carson Tahoe Cancer Resource Center provides free services to people affected by cancer no matter where they are seeking treatment. Nationally recognized, the Cancer Resource Center empowers cancer patients, family members, friends and caregivers with educational resources, research tools, financial guidance and peer groups. Most of the Cancer Resource Center staff and volunteers are cancer survivors who can not only provide information and  insight, but also say to patients, “I know how you feel.” This is a powerful statement to those facing a cancer diagnosis.

The Resource Center serves as an informational hub where patients and their loved ones can learn about treatment options, clinical trials and other programs provided by Carson Tahoe. Thier staff provides a unique service by assisting individuals with their research, either for themselves or their loved ones. Carson Tahoe’s Cancer Resource Center services include:

  • Nurse Navigators- provide education and resources to patients
  • Cosmesis Room- which has several bra and breast prosthesis, along with a vast selection of wigs and hats, we help you see how it is possible to go back to your pre-cancer lifestyle during and after treatment
  • Community Classes & Integrated Therapy- exercise, meditation and massage options
  • Education- on cancer prevention, nutrition referrals, palliative care referrals, and wellness 101 classes
  • Support Groups
  • Merriner Cottages, No-Cost Lodging
  • Financial Information
1535 Medical Pkwy.
Carson City NV, 89703