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Cancer Epidemiologist Joins NCCR

05 May, 2024

We're excited to welcome Patience Gbafa, MPH, as the Nevada Central Cancer Registry's new cancer epidemiologist. Gbafa has been instrumental in leading multiple health equity initiatives and NCCR Manager Aundrea Ogushi said she will play a pivotal role in the registry's success.

Patience Gbafa, MPH

Gbafa is a seasoned public health professional with a Master of Public Health from UNLV and has been instrumental in leading initiatives such as expanding respiratory illness monitoring and presenting on critical health equity topics like racial disparities in maternal mortality.

NCCR Program Manager Aundrea Ogushi said Gbafa’s diverse skill set and passion for addressing systemic health disparities make her an invaluable addition to the registry’s team. With her extensive experience in epidemiological research and data analysis, Gbafa is poised to support the registry's mission of collecting, analyzing, and disseminating accurate and timely cancer data for surveillance, research, and public health purposes.

As a cancer epidemiologist, Gbafa brings a unique blend of expertise in epidemiology, data management, and stakeholder engagement, making her an indispensable asset to the NCCR’s mission. Her responsibilities extend beyond data analysis and reporting; she will serve as a liaison between the registry and external stakeholders, fostering collaboration and information sharing crucial for improving data quality and promoting cancer prevention and treatment initiatives.

Her communication skills and outreach efforts will raise awareness of the registry's importance and ensure timely reporting, complying with regulatory standards.

Additionally, Gbafa's ability to interpret complex data trends and disparities will provide valuable insights for policymakers, healthcare providers, and researchers, guiding evidence-based interventions and resource allocation.

Gbafa said she is looking forward to making a significant impact on cancer and public health initiatives in Nevada. Welcome Patience! 

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