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Publications, Data & Reports

Publications, Data & Reports

Success Stories

Expanding ThriveNV Patient Navigation with Bilingual Southern Nevada Presence, November 2022
Using Online Mass Media to Educate Nevada's Lawmakers About Cancer Control Policy, June 2022
Using Project ECHO and Patient Navigation to Improve the Health and Wellness of Cancer Survivors in Rural Communities, December 2021
Sun Smart Schools 2021
Thriving and Surviving Cancer in Rural Nevada, 2021
ThriveNV Navigation Network 2021
SB 263 Youth Vaping Campaign

NCC Reports and Publications

Cancer Prevention and Early Detection Clinical Liaison Project, June 2017
Cancer Survivor Focus Group Study, June 2017
Nevada Indoor Tanning Establishment Phone Survey and Retail Visits Report, June 2017
Effects of regional average sunny days and other risk factors on the prevalence of skin cancer: A United States nationwide population-based study, by Emily Kouzes, May 2017
Sun Smart Schools Pilot Study Results, July 2016
Nevada Breast Cancer Screening Assessment, June 2016
Provision of Survivorship Care Plans in Nevada, December 2015
Insurance Coverage for Colonoscopy with Polyp Removal, June 2015
Breast Cancer Screening Report, January 2014
Nevada Tobacco Free Teens Project Report, September 2014

National Cancer Data Sources

National Cancer Institute State Cancer Profiles
NCCR*Explorer - Data on Child, Adolescent and Young Adult Cancers
SEER Cancer Stat Fact Sheets
BRFSS (Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System)
American Cancer Society Cancer Statistics Center
American Cancer Society Treatment and Survivorship Facts & Figures, 2022 - 2024
CDC Chronic Disease and Health Promotion Open Data
CDC US Cancer Statistics Data Visualizations
American College of Surgeons National Cancer Database
For researchers: NPCR and SEER Incidence – USCS Public Use Databases

State of Nevada Data and Reports

Women's Health Connection Breast and Cervical Cancer Burden Report, 2017 - Download
Comprehensive Cancer Report – BREAST, 2015 – Download
Comprehensive Cancer Report – COLORECTAL, 2015 – Download
Comprehensive Cancer Report – LIVER, 2015 – Download
Comprehensive Cancer Report – LUNG, 2015 – Download
Comprehensive Cancer Report – OVERALL, 2015 – Download