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Media Room

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Media Inquiries:
Kristen Hackbarth, Email | 775-742-8164 (text/voice)

Press Kit

About Nevada Cancer Coalition

Nevada Cancer Coalition is a statewide non-profit organization that carries out comprehensive cancer control (CCC). We aren’t clinical; CCC work is a public health effort focusing on policy, systems, and environmental changes that help individuals to prevent cancer, find it earlier, and access adequate treatment and support at all stages of the disease.

CCC is a collaborative process where the community—public health organizations, governments, health care professionals, volunteers, and more—pool resources and expertise to reduce the burden of cancer. The work of these stakeholders is guided by the Nevada Cancer Plan, a five-year strategic plan that outlines goals, objectives and strategies (that those stakeholders have helped to develop) and managed through task forces and collaborative groups, along with community and organizational initiatives and programs.

Sounds complex, and at times it is. Nevada Cancer Coalition is the organization that brings everyone together, organizes and streamlines efforts, and provides support where needed. If you’re into lists, here’s a quick breakdown of what we do:

  1. Serve as Nevada’s leading resource for comprehensive cancer control.
  2. Support healthcare professionals with continuing education opportunities, resources, and patient education tools.
  3. Collaborate with regional, state, and national partners to develop evidence-based projects and programs.
  4. Provide outreach for and access to cancer prevention and screening resources.
  5. Advocate for policies to improve access to healthcare care for all.

Interview Opportunities

We've got partners. That's the beauty of a coalition. If you are working on a news story about cancer or public health, we're happy to connect you with the right person and the right information to get your work done.

The NCC team is also available for interviews. Please contact Kristen Hackbarth, see above, to coordinate the details and time.