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Hugs, Hats and Headbands!

04 April, 2012

Did you know that kids get cancer too? Cancer is the #1 cause of death for children and the fourth leading cause of death for teenagers - about 4 children die in our country every day from cancer. The two most common cancers in children are leukemias and brain tumors. The average length of treatment is 2 to 5 years for kids and it isn’t easy – it affects them both physically and emotionally. In Nevada, we expect 200 kids to be diagnosed with cancer in 2012.

We are local elementary school kids supporting kids with cancer. Our project is called Hugs, Hats and Headbands – we want to show kids with cancer that they are important and hugged, and to let them know that they are pretty or handsome even though they don’t always feel that way.Our goal was to collect 500 hats and headbands in two weeks and THANKS TO YOU we collected 1,176 last spring! We continue to collect hats and headbands. You can send or deliver items to the Nevada Cancer Coalition office.