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Let's start by keeping your employees healthy

01 January, 2021

Your employees are your champions. The ones who give your company heart. Offer paid leave programs and benefits to those who need it most.

Introducing our framework for creating an Employee Paid Leave Policy for cancer screenings.

Research shows that employers who offer a cancer screening policy will experience a healthier and more productive workforce. You enjoy spending less on direct medical costs, workers’ compensation/disability costs, replacement costs for ill/injured workers, and costs for recruiting and training new workers too. 


Placing the NCC PTO program in the hands of your workforce is easier than ever. We have solutions for engaging your employees during enrollment too - whether they’re all in-house or distributed across the state. If you would like us to attend an employee health fair, be a guest speaker, share information for your employee newsletters, or provide other resources, please contact us today.

Email or call (775) 451-1670 and ask us how we can help you.