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Nonprofits Plan Cancer Day at the Legislature March 1

02 February, 2023

Nevada’s lawmakers on Wednesday, March 1 will get to walk through an inflatable colon, explore a pair of jumbo-sized lungs, and see the Mammovan mobile mammography truck in action as part of Cancer Day at the Legislature. The event is hosted by Nevada Cancer Coalition to educate legislators and other Nevadans about the importance of prevention and early detection in reducing cancer in the state.

Cancer is the second leading cause of death nationwide and will take the lives of nearly 5,900 Nevadans this year. Several of the state’s leading cancer types can be found early through screening exams, such as for breast, lung, colorectal and cervical cancer. Many more cancers can be prevented by reducing people’s risk.

“There are many ways Nevadans can maintain their health, and our state legislators have an important role to play because they can pass policies that affect access to healthcare and the systems in place that promote a healthy Nevada,” Cari Herington, Nevada Cancer Coalition’s executive director, said. “We want to support our legislators with the most up-to-date information available on cancer in Nevada, so we’ve hosted this educational day each session as a way to connect and share the latest in cancer control.”

In addition to the eye-catching and fun displays outside the legislature building, NCC partners will be inside with more activities. Participating organizations include:

  • Community Health Alliance, information on HPV vaccination and cervical/head and neck cancers
  • Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center, information on lung cancer and low dose CT screening
  • Northern Nevada HOPES, information on colorectal cancer screening
  • Radon Education Program, radon detection and mitigation to prevent lung cancer
  • Access to Healthcare Network, information on healthcare access and navigation
  • Carson City Health and Human Services, information on tobacco control and youth vaping
  • Genentech, bringing inflatable lungs and information on lung cancer
  • Nevada Health Centers, screening for breast cancer with the Mammovan all day and providing information on breast cancer screening (appointments for screening have already been filled)
  • Nevada Cancer Coalition, with information on ThriveNV and cancer survivorship

Exhibits will be open from 7:30 – 11 a.m. in room 3100 of the legislature building, with outside activities weather permitting.

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