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Report: First year of Cancer Plan efforts show moderate progress

01 January, 2022

Exciting progress has been made over the first year of the five-year lifespan of our 2021-2025 Nevada Cancer Plan. This week, our partners at the State of Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health completed the Year 1 Evaluation Report for the cancer plan, looking at progress made both on quantitative measures--the objective indicators--and quantitative measures--the strategies.

Successes highlighted in the report include policy changes improving access to health care and health equity, the launch of programs such as ThriveNV, and the expansion of programs such as Sun Smart Schools.

While we were able to track progress toward reaching the targets set for our indicators, data wasn't available for them all. We're also somewhat cautious about celebrating some gains, such as those for cancer early detection. We know that these numbers may decline in the next year or two as the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic are more fully reflected in survey responses.

Read more about what our partners were able to achieve this year in the report and get a quick look on our dashboard.

We'd also like to recognize the Debbie Kawcak at the State of Nevada's Comprehensive Cancer Control Program for her work in putting together this evaluation report.

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