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ECHO: Long Term Effects of Chemotherapy

05 May, 2022

Dr. Anu Thummala, medical oncologist with Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada, discusses the long-term effects of chemotherapy for a multitude of different cancers. For each cancer, she goes over the best current practices and recommendations for their survivorship process. She then reviews how to coordinate care between rural providers and stay up to date with current recommendations for these patients. How to improve communication between health care providers and oncologists is then discussed. Her PowerPoint is then wrapped up by opening the panel up for questions.

Post Questions (5:55)
Breast Cancer Treatment (9:31)
Breast Cancer Survivorship (21:11)
Hodgkin Lymphoma Long-Term (24:37)
HCT Long-Term Care (26:26)
Immunotherapy (34:34)
Management of Lung & Testicular Cancer (41:27)
Head & Neck Cancer Long-Term (45:46)
Questions (48:39)

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