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Good Prep a Key to Colonoscopy

Submitted by skynet on Wed, 07/25/2018 - 14:51
Good Prep a Key to Colonoscopy
07.25.2018 | Early Detection

Prepping for colonoscopy is dreaded by many, and for some is a barrier to screening. However, once the bowel prep is complete the procedure is relatively simple for those undergoing the exam. And, gastroenterologists stress that good bowel prep is essential so that they can clearly see any abnormalities in the colon during the exam.

Fight Colorectal Cancer, a national nonprofit that advocates for colon cancer screening and research, talked to some of their advocates, many of whom undergo colonoscopies on a regular basis, to get tips to make bowel prep a little less dreadful. We loved their responses, and think you will to. 

Check out all of their great tips over on the Fight Colorectal Cancer blog.