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colorectal cancer

Early Detection
Mailed Fecal Immunochemical Test (FIT) Online Courses
In 2019, CDC and the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors brought together leading health care and public health experts to discuss how…
doctor preparing to perform a colonoscopy
Colorectal Cancer Screening More Than Just a Colonoscopy
The message from major health organizations is clear: if you’re 45 or older it’s time to get screened for colorectal cancer. For many, that brings…
Early Detection
2023 Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month Tools
These tools have been created to assist providers and partners in spreading the message about colorectal cancer screening and early detection.…
Haley Pollack Bright Spot Network
Finding a Bright Spot as a young mother with cancer
By Haley Pollack, Executive Director and Co-Founder of Bright Spot Network In November 2018, I had just returned to work from my parental leave.…
Early Detection
Inspiring Health with a Giant Inflatable Colon
Studies have shown the use of inflatable colons in community outreach settings, both urban and rural, can improve knowledge of and interest in…
colin the colon
Inflatable colons are a fun teaching tool that get results
In February, part of Team NCC participated in a fun team building activity. We inflated Colin, our inflatable colon, inside the office. It was…
Black adults with children
Recent changes expand access to colorectal cancer screening
Over the past year, two major changes have increased access to colorectal cancer screening, making the early detection exam less expensive and…
Men, it’s time to get to the doctor
Guys, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? Aside from COVID-19 testing and vaccination, when was the last time you went to the doctor to check in on your…
Good Prep a Key to Colonoscopy
Good Prep a Key to Colonoscopy
Prepping for colonoscopy is dreaded by many, and for some is a barrier to screening. However, once the bowel prep is complete the procedure is…
New Colon Cancer Screening Guideline Released...What Does It Mean?
In May 2018 American Cancer Society released an updated guideline for colorectal cancer screening. The new recommendation says regular screening…