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Insurance & Finance Intensive Training Session

Insurance & Finance Intensive Training Session
Virtual / Zoom

Triage Cancer's comprehensive Insurance & Finance Intensive is a training program designed specifically for oncology health care professionals and advocates. Participants will learn about health and disability insurance and finances. The program improves patient and caregiver access to valuable information on how to mitigate the financial impact of a cancer diagnosis across the continuum of care.

Nursing and Social Work continuing education credit available. This is a FREE session. 

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  • An Overview of the U.S. Healthcare System
    • A Brief History of the U.S. Healthcare System
    • Different Theories of Healthcare Systems
    • Health Insurance Terms You Need to Know
  • Individual & Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance
    • How to Choose Between Health Insurance Plans
    • Health Consumer Protections
    • What to do When You Lose Coverage Through Your Employer (e.g., COBRA & Marketplace)
  • Government Sponsored Health Insurance
    • Medicare & Medicaid
    • How to Appeal A Claim Denial for Medicare & Medicaid
  • Tips on Using Health Insurance & Appeals
    • Making the Most of Your Health Insurance Coverage
    • What to Do When an Insurance Company Says No
  • Navigating Disability Insurance & Appeals
    • How Patients can Take Time Off and Get Paid
    • How to Apply for Disability Insurance
    • What to Do When a Disability Insurance Company Says No
  • Managing Finances & Getting Financial Help
    • Practical Tips for Rebuilding Financial Health
    • Identify Financial Assistance Options