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Webinar: Strategic Ways to Increase HPV Vaccinations

Webinar: Strategic Ways to Increase HPV Vaccinations

The American Cancer Society’s Mountain West HPV Vaccination Project is proud to present a 4-part HPV vaccination educational series for our clinical staff partners. This series aims to talk through strategic ways to increase on-time( 9-13 years of age) HPV vaccinations.

Our first session “The Science Behind Age 9” will feature Pediatrician and HPV Vaccination Champion, Dr. Sherri Zorn, from Seattle, WA. Dr. Zorn’s presentation  will highlight the research and benefits to starting the HPV vaccination series at 9. As well, talk through evidence-based interventions to support recommendation and policy behind age 9.


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Future Session Topics:

  • Building Community Partnerships for HPV Vaccinations
  • Overcoming Vaccine Hesitancy through Motivational Interviewing
  • Pairing HPV Vaccinations with Fall Boosters




All are welcome to join the educational series! Questions about the series, please contact HPV Program Manager, Ashley Lach,