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NCC works with UNR Public Health to learn more about Black women and breast cancer screening

08 August, 2023

Over the past year NCC has been working with the University of Nevada, Reno School of Public Health to learn more about perceptions, behaviors, and knowledge about breast cancer screening among Nevadans, with a special focus on Black Nevadans. The results of the research, which combined a statewide online survey and a series of focus groups with Black women across the state, is available now.

Several key findings point to what influences someone to screen for breast cancer. Reminders from family and friends were said to be most influential, followed by a healthcare provider's recommendation. This drives home the importance of having conversations about health and self-care with loved ones and encouraging others to prioritize their health.

To note, those who have an ongoing relationship with a healthcare provider and have regular visits are more likely to get screened than those who do not. Healthcare providers can also increase the likelihood of a person getting breast cancer screening by making the recommendation -- which seems obvious, but may not always happen -- and by providing assistance in scheduling the appointment. Patient reminders are also valuable.

Many myths and misperceptions continue to exist around breast cancer and mammography, such as that it is a white woman's disease or that if there's no family history the risk is minimal. Neither of these are true. The clinical and public health community must continue to share facts, combat myths, and highlight the value of early detection.

Read the full report here.

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