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Prepping for Breast Cancer Awareness Month


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Prepping for Breast Cancer Awareness Month
09.06.2016 | Early Detection

We all know it’s coming…the onslaught of pink for October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  As the #2 cancer killer among women, just behind lung cancer and edging out colorectal cancer, it’s an area with a lot of resources and information available. If you’re prepping ahead for October, here are some updates for you:


If you haven’t seen the Mammovan over the past month it’s because it’s getting a makeover. The interior of the van is being renovated to offer a smoother customer experience, and the outside of the van will have a new pink wrap. The grand unveiling will be at the Reno Susan G. Komen Race on October 18.

Bright Pink

If you haven’t heard of Bright Pink, now’s the time to check it out. This national nonprofit focuses on breast and ovarian cancers among women under 45 — those generally with a family history and/or genetic mutation. They have a number of resources to assist patients in evaluating their risk and having a discussion with their provider. Learn more at

Nevada Breast Cancer Screening Assessment Report

This past spring, Nevada Cancer Coalition led an assessment of primary care providers on breast cancer screening, including their recommendations to patients and their resource needs to have effective conversations with patients. Read the full report here.

NCC Clinical Liaison 

Inspired by discussions with partners and the results of our Breast Cancer Screening Assessment, NCC is developing a Clinical Liaison position to assist primary care offices in increasing their screening rates for breast, cervical and colorectal cancer screenings, and perhaps a few other measures. We’ll begin with a small pilot project this fiscal year and, based on results and funding, expand the role in the coming years.

NCC Mammogram Decision & Information Guide

NCC has developed a bilingual guide to assist patients in understanding the basics of breast cancer screening, risk factors, and signs and symptoms. These are a great tool to have in your clinic rooms or waiting room. Check out a sample here, and email Kristen if you’d like copies for your office.

Stay tuned for more resources and information in the coming month!