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Sun Smart Schools Vies for 'A Community Thrives' Grant

03 March, 2018

We've thrown our wide-brimmed hat into the ring for the Gannett Foundation's 'A Community Thrives' program for a chance to win a $25,000 fan favorite grant. The program will also award up to $500,000 in additional grants to eligible organizations. NCC has chosen Sun Smart Schools as our featured program for the funding opportunity, working to secure funding to expand the program into the Elko County schools. 

To be eligible to win the fan favorite grant NCC must raise at least $3,000 via a CrowdRise campaign between March 19 and May 11. All of the funds raised in this campaign go direct to NCC's Sun Smart Schools, and help us to qualify for the additional grants. 

If you love sun safety and the Sun Smart Schools program as much as we do, we ask you to support us in this exciting fundraising event. Click here to visit the Sun Smart Schools campaign page and make a donation.

Thank you for your support!

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