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Assemblies, classroom presentations a fun part of Sun Smart Schools

02 February, 2024

School districts in Nevada are required to have a sun safety policy, and for many of them, that includes participating in the Sun Smart Schools program. In addition to providing curriculum and classroom materials educating students in grades K-12 on sun safety, Sun Smart Schools offers school assemblies and classroom presentations to build and reinforce sun safety knowledge and skills.

Each Sun Smart School presentation is tailored to meet the age and interest of students, including special topics such as skin of color. All presentations include an educational slide show, interactive visual aids, games, and the 5 S messaging: Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek, Slide. Presenters are Nevada Cancer Coalition staff or trained medical student volunteers.

Sun Smart Schools classroom presentation

We also provide students and teachers tools to reinforce the lessons learned. Each student is given a UV reactive bracelet to remind them to practice their 5 S strategies, which are included on an accompanying 5 S strategy card. Teachers get Sun Smart wall clings, UV Index posters, and 5 S bracelets.

For K-2, we pack a lot into a 20-minute presentation. First, we talk about protecting a “Cell-Lego Tower” from the sun—you don’t want to leave your Legos out in the sun and have them damaged! We then teach the 5 S strategies to protect the Lego tower, with each S accompanied by a fun skill-based visual aid. The presentation wraps up with a fun “Guess the Animal” game focusing on each 5 S strategy.

For grades 3-5, we expand on the biological components of cells and sun damage to incorporate more science curricula. We discuss environmental and risk factors related to skin cancer and sun safety. We break up the presentation with a physical activity demonstrating cell damage, practice the 5 S strategies with engaging visual aids, and end with a fun demonstration of UV radiation that includes teacher and student engagement!

We really dive into the science of skin cancer and sun safety for students in middle and high school, but still go over the 5 S strategies. The presentation ends with a fun Jeopardy-style game to test student knowledge. Prizes are available with every presentation.

Educators at any school in Nevada can request a Sun Smart Schools assembly or classroom presentation. We ask that requests be submitted at least one month in advance so we can coordinate staff or volunteers to attend.

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