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District & Administration Resources

District & Administration Resources

Creating Sun Smart schools can lead to better health for students, school personnel and the community by promoting sun safety while encouraging outdoor activities and exercise.

In 2019, Nevada’s governor signed into law Senate Bill 159, which requires all public and private schools to implement sun safety policy and to allow students to possess and self-administer sunscreen in school settings. For the purpose of this policy, sunscreen must not be considered an over-the-counter medication.

Sun Smart Schools can help your school or district implement these policies, which can include:

  • Promotion of sunscreen use.
  • Approval of sun protective clothing on campus.
  • Access to shade.

The resources below can help you to develop a policy, notify parents and students of the policy and the Sun Smart Schools program, and implement it on your campus.

SB 159 Sun Smart Schools Tool Kit

This tool kit helps districts and schools implement Nevada Senate Bill 159, deemed the sun safety bill, which took effect July 1, 2019. SB 159 provides school districts and schools with the policy authority needed to address the allowance of sun protective measures and promote skin cancer prevention for Nevada’s children. 

Tool Kit for SB 159 (PDF)
Helping Schools Implement Senate Bill 159 — Sun Safety Policy & Understand Its Importance (PDF)
School Presentation Portfolio Toolkit (PDF)
Administrator Implementation Checklist(PDF)
School-Wide Announcements Fall 2021 (doc)
NEW! Social Media Graphics, Bilingual, K-12 (download from Google Drive)
NEW! Program Liaison Update Form (fillable PDF), for updating program contact with NCC

Sun Smart Dispensers

How to Clean Dispenser Lines(PDF)
Master Dispenser Participation Agreement (doc)
SPF 30 Material Safety Data (XLS)
NEW! Sun Smart Schools Dispenser Maintenance Budget Tips (PDF)

Parent/Community Resources

Support Letter Download(doc)
Shade At Your School: Tips for Parents (PDF)