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Sun Smart Schools assemblies and classroom presentations are a great way to kick off sun safety learning in schools. We work with medical students and other professionals to provide tailored presentations for all K-12 grade levels, and for groups large and small.

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Supplies Request

We’re here to support you in creating Sun Smart Schools. Please complete the form below to request more information or a toolkit, a sunscreen dispenser or sunscreen.

Please note: Automatic sunscreen dispensers and sunscreen refill pouches are available for purchase from BrightGuard through NCC and Sun Smart Schools. By submitting your purchase request here, a portion of each sale benefits NCC and the Sun Smart Schools program. All billing and shipping is direct to you from BrightGuard.

Pricing is as follows:
Automatic sunscreen dispenser (mounts to wall or portable stand, includes 4 D batteries): $70
Portable stand: $100
1 case hybrid sunscreen for Nevada schools: $180
*Dispenser releases 1 ml of sunscreen per dose. Each case of sunscreen includes 4-1,000 ml pouches.

For information on sunscreen and ingredients, please visit the BrightGuard website.

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