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ThriveNV Introduction
Welcome to ThriveNV - Start Here
ThriveNV talks with Amy Thompson, RN, OCN, CN-BN, Survivorship Programs Manager with Nevada Cancer Coalition about how the program is designed to…
caregiver with survivor using ipad
Caregiver Tools Can Ease a Stressful Time
Caregivers are the unsung heroes of the cancer care team, absorbing the many ripples cancer causes and helping their loved one deal with diagnosis,…
Bethany Ross slide from Metastatic and Advanced Cancers Survivorship presentation
Survivorship Needs for People Living with Advanced and Metastatic Cancers
National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship in May 2022 hosted webinar featuring Dr. Michelle Mollica, Senior Advisor at the National Cancer…
fresh salad and exercise equipment
ACS Updates Guidelines for Cancer Survivors
A cancer diagnosis can make a person feel like they've lost some control over their own body -- a scary experience to be sure. It may also stir up a…
Darcy with a Lymphedema Sleeve
World Lymphedema Day brings awareness to cancer treatment side effect
Many people don’t know what lymphedema is until it affects them or someone they know. However, it’s not an uncommon side effect from cancer…
Imerman Angels caregiving
Webinar: Supporting Others Experiencing Illness and Grief
Do you find yourself fumbling with words when trying to support others experiencing illness and grief? If so, you're not alone. We all struggle with…
holding hands
Thrive Tips: What to do when someone you know has been diagnosed with cancer
When someone is diagnosed with cancer, be it a friend, family member, or coworker, it can be difficult to know just what to do. The impulse might be…
New from NCI high fiber diet
From NCI: A high-fiber diet may improve the response of melanoma patients to immunotherapy
This article was originally published by the National Cancer Institute. Read the original here. A diet rich in fiber may help some people being…
peer mentoring
Peer Mentoring Provides 'Somebody Who's Been There'
Several years ago, before ThriveNV was created to support people in Nevada diagnosed with cancer, our team talked to people from throughout the…
Thrive Book CLUB
Thrive Book Club: Let's get 'Radical'
People diagnosed with cancer often fall into two categories when it comes to information about their illness. They either can’t get enough…