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ThriveNV Introduction
Welcome to ThriveNV - Start Here
ThriveNV talks with Amy Thompson, RN, OCN, CN-BN, Survivorship Programs Manager with Nevada Cancer Coalition about how the program is designed to…
Bethany Ross slide from Metastatic and Advanced Cancers Survivorship presentation
Survivorship Needs for People Living with Advanced and Metastatic Cancers
National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship in May 2022 hosted webinar featuring Dr. Michelle Mollica, Senior Advisor at the National Cancer…
peer mentoring
Peer Mentoring Provides 'Somebody Who's Been There'
Several years ago, before ThriveNV was created to support people in Nevada diagnosed with cancer, our team talked to people from throughout the…
breast cancer screening
Benefits of breast cancer screening
Dr. Wright with Western Surgical Group is a caring, conscientious, patient-centric surgeon who brings a fresh vibrancy to her work in…
Health INsurance
Health Insurance Basics
Triage Cancer Explains: Health Insurance Basics  Health insurance is confusing, even if you get coverage through your employer. Watch…
How to Take Time Off & Pay for It
How to Take Time Off & Pay for It
If you have a serious medical condition, you may need to take time off work. There are federal and state laws and programs that may help you.…
How Do I Cope With Anxiety
Cancer and its treatment can be stressful for people with cancer and their loved ones. Meditation can help calm your mind and sharpen your ability…
Mental Health Support
Finding Mental Health Support During Cancer
A cancer diagnosis is difficult to hear and can set off a range of complex emotions. Medical oncologist Dr. Lidia Schapira offers compassionate…
Sexual Health and Cancer
Sexual Health and Fertility in Cancer Care
A cancer diagnosis and treatment can cause physical and emotional changes that affect intimacy, sexual health, and fertility. In this video, Dr. Don…
Roadblocks to mammogram
How to Overcome Roadblocks to Your Mammogram Appointment
Sometimes it’s hard to make that mammogram appointment. Work gets in the way or sometimes it just comes down to money. NCC’s Amy Thompson, Amy…