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Health & Wellness

Thrive Kitchen
Thrive Kitchen: When you really just want pizza
It’s National Pizza Day (February 9), so rather than diving into our planned meal—sharing why lots of fruits and veggies are great nutrition—we’re…
watercolor art
Art therapy a creative way to process emotions
Today is “Inspire Your Heart With Art” Day, a great time to share information about how art therapy can play a role in cancer rehabilitation and…
New from NCI high fiber diet
From NCI: A high-fiber diet may improve the response of melanoma patients to immunotherapy
This article was originally published by the National Cancer Institute. Read the original here. A diet rich in fiber may help some people being…
Thrive Kitchen
Thrive Kitchen: Getting nutritional support
People who have been diagnosed with cancer and are in treatment may have different nutritional needs than before their diagnosis. That can include…
Powerful Tools for Caregivers
Caregiver Workshops Planned for January, February
The Powerful Tools for Caregivers workshop series continues in 2022 with three programs offered January through March. This program gives caregivers…
Thrive Book CLUB
Thrive Book Club: 'Between Two Kingdoms'
By Kristen This month's pick for the Thrive Book club is a more recent release, and according to ThriveNV navigator Amy is a book she didn't…
Cancer Community Clubhouse
New programs launched at The Center in Reno
A new series of programs for cancer survivors and thrivers, caregivers and loved ones begins Aug. 16, organized by Reno nonprofit Cancer Community…
Eating Hints: Before, during, and after Cancer Treatment
Eating Hints: Before, During, and After Cancer Treatment
Eating Hints is written for you - someone who is about to get, or is now getting, cancer treatment. Your family, friends, and others close to you…
How Do I Cope With Anxiety
Cancer and its treatment can be stressful for people with cancer and their loved ones. Meditation can help calm your mind and sharpen your ability…
Cancer Survivorship
Survivorship: Spanish & English - Download
As you finish cancer treatment, you might be wondering: What happens next? The answer is different for every person. Some people return to the lives…