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The key to prevention: Education

02 February, 2022

Sometimes it seems like sun safety is a bit like flossing: you have to be reminded every six months or so when you’re younger, and when you’re older you wish you’d practiced it more. Yeah, we know.

We’ll be honest. Cancer prevention, like flossing, isn’t sexy. The results, however, are. Who doesn't want to have youthful skin and a great smile when they're 60, 70, or 80 years old?

The key to promoting skin cancer prevention is education, education, and education.

Through Sun Smart Nevada we work to consistently encourage people to practice the 5 Ss and take care of their skin. It takes a lot of work though. We do this through outreach clinics, in-school programs, community events, and just about any other opportunity we can embrace.

It turns out that when Sun Smart Nevada puts out a sunscreen dispenser at a sunny event, people appreciate it. They slop on the SPF because they know they need it. During school presentations kids learn that their skin is the largest organ in their body, and they love to learn how they can protect it.

We spread the word as much as we can, but can always use more help. If you think cancer prevention, and specifically skin cancer prevention, is sexy and exciting, we’d love for you to join us. We have volunteer opportunities available throughout the year.

Contact us for details.

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