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cervical cancer

Prevention - Early Detection
Cervical Health Month 2024 Resources
Cervical cancer incidence and mortality is relatively low compared to some other cancers in Nevada. However, with proven effective prevention and…
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Screening, prevention have kept cervical cancer at bay for countless women
January is Cervical Health Awareness Month Cervical cancer, once a leading cause of cancer death among women, has become largely preventable…
Prevention - Early Detection
Cervical Health Month 2023 Resources - Bilingual
Cervical Health Awareness Month is recognized each January and draws attention to the ways to prevent cervical cancer and find it early, through…
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Task force to add improving cervical cancer screening rates to 2022 efforts
Nevada Cancer Coalition’s Early Detection Task Force is taking up cervical cancer screening in its first meeting of 2022, seeking to find answers as…
Two Doses Now Recommended for HPV Vaccination
This post originally appeared as a guest post on the Immunize Nevada blog. Preventing cancer just got a little easier. That’s a big deal. The…
Just Released: 2016 - 2020 Nevada Comprehensive Cancer Plan
Last week at the 2015 Nevada Cancer Control Summit the State of Nevada Health Division along with Nevada Cancer Coalition released the newest…
National Breast & Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program Celebrates 23 Years
23rd Anniversary. It's a bit of an odd milestone to celebrate, when compared to the more rounded numbers 20 or 25. But in this era of healthcare…
HPV Vaccination - A Nevada Mom's Perspective
Cancer prevention for children is generally a fairly straightforward task. Parents can feed their children healthy meals, encourage plenty of…
It's Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month
Ladies, it’s time to listen up. Pink ribbons and breasts come next month, but September is the time to think about the other cancers that all…
How Does Nevada Measure Up? ACS-CAN Releases Annual Policy Report
According to a new report, Nevada’s statewide cancer policies are falling behind in many areas. The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network’s…