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Thrive Kitchen
Thrive Kitchen: Food Safety
Did you know that some cancer treatments can make it easier for you to get sick from contaminated foods? The National Cancer Institute recently…
woman smiling
Podcast: Dental Health for Cancer Patients
Our friend Dr. Jessica Pharar of The Pharar Foundation joined the Hello Cancer podcast to talk about the importance of dental health for people who'…
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Lifestyle changes can help maintain, restore health after a cancer diagnosis
The American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM) released tips on how individuals can restore their health during and after cancer treatment by…
NCC and ThriveNV staff with Gina Billino of Scriaggio with a journal donation.
Journal donation meant to empower, inspire and heal
More than a year ago—September 2022 to be more precise—Gina Billino reached out to ThriveNV to see if she could make a donation. She needed a full…
Jorge and Valerie
Cancer Support in the Hispanic Community: An Interview with ThriveNV
ThriveNV navigators Jorge and Valerie recently joined Marines Linera from Valley Oaks Medical for a conversation about cancer in the Hispanic…
Thrive Kitchen
Thrive Kitchen: Connecting with an oncology dietitian
When it comes to nutrition and cancer, experiences can be different. Some people may have challenges eating because of nausea or physical impacts of…
Natalie Stevenson
Advocating for Survivorship Gives Reno Woman Focus
Natalie Stevenson is the co-founder of northern Nevada's Cancer Community Clubhouse, a non-profit cancer survivorship organization unlike any other…
Resource Highlight
Resource Highlight: Cancer Community Clubhouse
Natalie, the founder of Cancer Community Clubhouse, moved to Reno from Texas and immediately saw a need. As a metastatic cancer thriver she knew…
food items from the Mediterranean diet
Registered Dietitians Provide Science-Backed Nutrition for Survivors
A quick internet search on "cancer diet" and "cancer nutrition" can yield hundreds of results -- some of them high quality and with sound, evidence-…
Resource Highlight
Resource Highlight: Cancer and Careers
Cancer, in the past, was often thought of as a disease of aging. For many people that’s still true, and their cancer diagnosis may come later in…