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Survivor Stories

Debbie Anderson
People Are Worth Fighting For: Debbie Anderson's Story
Profiles of Courage: Debbie Anderson's Breast Cancer Survivor Story My name is Debbie Anderson, some may know me as an employee of…
Bre Taylor
Elko School Nurse, Melanoma Survivor, Sun Safety Advocate
By Christine Thompson, NCC Cancer Prevention Programs Manager There’s a lot to be said for following your gut instinct, especially when it comes…
Brigette Cole
Brigette's Story
It was the worst of circumstances. A not-quite 28-year-old woman - newly relocated, unemployed, and uninsured - feels a small lump on her left…
Ashley L
Empowerment in Survivorship Through Self-Love
Ashley L. doesn’t consider herself to be a survivor. “I just shoved it away and disassociated from the entire experience,” she says of the…
Two Diagnoses, Two Very Different Experiences
My name is Sharon Nagel. I am a survivor of two different cancers. Sharon Nagel I was diagnosed with the first cancer in 1979 when I was 23…
Beverly's Story: Finding the Silver Lining
I thought of cancer as a dark cloud over me, so I was determined to find the silver lining in it. I wanted to believe something beneficial could…
Deborah's Story
It was a regular morning in April 2016.  I woke up and was getting ready for the day when my hand unexplainably went to my left breast.  I…
Natalie: A Survivor's Journey
If you saw Natalie around town you would never know she is being treated for stage 4 metastatic breast cancer, yet her cancer journey has been such…
Colleen's Story
THE MOMENT “Did you have a good practice”, I said to my son as he opened the door of our Big, (lots of kids equals gargantuan car) Yukon to get…
Cassie's story
According to FORCE (Facing Hereditary Cancer EMPOWERED), a cancer previvor is someone who carries a hereditary mutation, has a family history,…