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Sydney Miranda PICTURE
UNR Student Advocates for Smoke-Free Movement
12 December, 2020
I am a Community Health Sciences student at the University of Nevada, Reno, set to graduate in spring of 2021. This semester I have had the…
Men’s health means getting in touch with yourself
11 November, 2020
Gentlemen, let’s have a talk. Ladies, you can listen in too since we’re all in this together, really. November is National Healthy Skin Month. This…
Support Services to Call or Visit Online
11 November, 2020
Do you need support? These national resources are here to help you... whether you live in Nevada or beyond.  IMMEDIATE SUPPORT If you're ever…
Good Relationships = Good Health for Men
11 November, 2020
Make Yourself Available Men are taught to hide their feelings as a sign of strength and masculinity. But when it comes to loving and being loved…
10 Free Offerings and Tools for Providing Lung Cancer Screening, Referrals, Survivorship Care, or Tobacco Use Treatment
11 November, 2020
Please join us for this special Lung Cancer Awareness Month webinar presentation! November 12, 11:00 am At the…
Study Finds Growing Support Among Washoe County Residents for Smoke-Free Casinos
10 October, 2020
A research project was recently published by the Journal of Hospital Management and Health Policy, indicating that 60 percent of Washoe County…
Smoke-Free Makes Sense - for Our Brand, and for Our Lives
08 August, 2020
I remember being a teenager in Reno — just driving age — and my mom would ask me to pick her up from a local casino. She had spent a few hours there…
Older woman and yoga mat
Safely include physical activity into your life
08 August, 2020
As someone who holds a master’s in Kinesiology, was a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) through the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), and…
Nevada Radiation Exposure Screening & Education Program
08 August, 2020
Nevada RESEP offers medical outreach and education to those affected by nuclear weapons testing. The United States conducted nearly 200 aboveground…
Colorectal Cancer Committee Survey Request
08 August, 2020
Partners working in colorectal cancer (CRC) across Nevada continue to be challenged with low rates of screening and high…
Best Practices for Improving Cancer Screenings Series
08 August, 2020
A virtual learning opportunity presented by Nevada Cancer Coalition to address Nevada's low cancer screening rates and decrease the number…
Cancer Survivorship Clinics Announced
08 August, 2020
  Project ECHO Nevada, the Nevada Cancer Coalition, and the UNLV School of Medicine are pleased to offer Part 2 of the Cancer Survivorship ECHO…