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NCC team in blue shirts
Four new members join team NCC
03 March, 2022
In case you missed it, NCC is growing. From just four years ago when NCC was a team of three, we’re now a team of eight! Late last year we added…
colin the colon
Inflatable colons are a fun teaching tool that get results
03 March, 2022
In February, part of Team NCC participated in a fun team building activity. We inflated Colin, our inflatable colon, inside the office. It was…
employees meeting
Employee appreciation starts with caring about their health
03 March, 2022
Paid sick leave has become a hot topic since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, when many people were out of work because they were sick, caring…
Black adults with children
Recent changes expand access to colorectal cancer screening
03 March, 2022
Over the past year, two major changes have increased access to colorectal cancer screening, making the early detection exam less expensive and…
President Joe Biden
Cancer Moonshot misses the mark by glossing over prevention, early detection
02 February, 2022
This month, Nevada Cancer Coalition submitted the following opinion to Nevada Current: Earlier this month, President Biden reignited his …
Black woman jogging
Health & Wellness a focus for 2022 Black History Month
02 February, 2022
“However, mortality data for all cancers combined indicates Blacks are more likely to die from cancer.” That’s a line pulled directly from our…
people exercising
Preventing cancer one step at a time
01 January, 2022
February is National Cancer Prevention Month, and usually we’d use this space to share the little list of reminders of what you can do personally to…
Nevada Cancer Plan Year 1 Evaluation
Report: First year of Cancer Plan efforts show moderate progress
01 January, 2022
Exciting progress has been made over the first year of the five-year lifespan of our 2021-2025 Nevada Cancer Plan. This week, our partners at the…
radon action month
Free radon test kits offered in January, February
01 January, 2022
Have you tested your home or business for radon? Have you even heard of radon? If you said yes, awesome! We’re glad you’ve taken those steps and…
women smiling
Task force to add improving cervical cancer screening rates to 2022 efforts
01 January, 2022
Nevada Cancer Coalition’s Early Detection Task Force is taking up cervical cancer screening in its first meeting of 2022, seeking to find answers as…
Doctor counseling patient
Johns Hopkins Study Reveals Patient Preferences on End-Of-Life Discussions
12 December, 2021
The National Cancer Institute this month updated its PDQ on advance planning and end of life discussions to include details from a recent study of…
Lung Cancer Collaborative
Lung Cancer Collaborative kicks off with overwhelming response
12 December, 2021
Nearly 80 participants logged on to the first Lug Cancer Collaborative meeting in early November, confirming the need for more teamwork and action…