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Patient Navigation

ThriveNV Patient Navigators make cancer support personal

ThriveNV Patient Navigators work with you to overcome barriers preventing those with cancer from getting the care they need and to understand and navigate the ever-changing and ever-complicated medical system. In 2023, we helped more than 126 Nevadans through our services.

We support patients across Nevada who do not otherwise have access to navigation services. We have experience working with cancer patients and their families and have dedicated our lives to serving others. If you or a family member are dealing with a cancer diagnosis, are in treatment, are a cancer survivor, or caregiver, and could benefit from personalized support, please reach out.   

Reasons to contact a ThriveNV Patient Navigator:

  • You live in a community that does not have patient navigators 
  • You need help with accessing or finding cancer screening   
  • You need help finding community resources 
  • You or your family needs someone to talk to about a cancer diagnosis 
  • You have limited family support 
  • You cancel medical appointments because of lack of resources (transportation, etc.) 
  • You or your family need help understanding the healthcare system    
  • You are a caregiver and need resources to help take care of yourself and your loved ones 
  • You are worried about medical bills and want information about resources

What ThriveNV Patient Navigators can do:

  • Provide support to you and your family  
  • Help connect patients with screenings   
  • Help establish care with a primary care physician 
  • Identify and help overcome barriers to screening and/or cancer treatment  
  • Identify questions to ask your physician(s)  
  • Advocate on your behalf to enhance communication with healthcare staff and providers 
  • Work with you to find resources and support (may include: transportation, financial, counseling, support groups, wig resources, etc.) 
  • Help identify appropriate sources to pay for health care needs  
  • Streamline health care appointments  
  • Help you transition back to your primary care physician and understand follow-up care after treatment is finished  

What ThriveNV Patient Navigators CANNOT do:

  • Deliver diagnoses 
  • Provide medical advice  
  • Provide medical care  
  • Make recommendations about the type of treatment you should receive 
  • Notify you of results of imaging, lab work, or other results (this is the responsibility of the physician/provider)
  • Pay directly for screenings, treatment, or resources  

Interpreter services available

Patient navigation services are available in other languages through the use of interpreters. When you make your navigator request, indicate if you require a language other than English.

I have nothing but good things to say about this organization. Starting with the staff, they are caring, friendly, and very knowledgeable! I immediately felt like they were looking out for the best interest of my sick mother. My main contact was Valerie and she provided me and my mother with all… Read More

Grecia, M., Caregiver, Las Vegas

ThriveNV has been an amazing program to work with! I live in a rural part of Nevada, which means that sometimes resources are difficult to find. Working with ThriveNV and Amy Thompson made all of the difference. They were able to connect us with resources and eased the burden of trying to piece… Read More

Bre T., Caregiver and Community Partner, Rural

I have been extremely impressed with the professionalism, expertise, and supportive resources that ThriveNV has provided to our community. Additionally, having bi-lingual community partners ensures that our patient population is afforded the communication and support they deserve.

Kim D., Community Partner, Southern Nevada

Jorge, I am so grateful for you and your organization, both do so much for our cancer community. You have shown the utmost respect, knowledge and care towards me and my health. You listen, answer all my concerns and are always ready and willing to assist me. You always take the initiative and… Read More

I.A., Ovarian Cancer, Las Vegas

I am very pleased with the assistance and guidance I received from the patient navigator and ThriveNV. I will definitely refer my family and friends to this service.

R.C.G, Breast Cancer
ThriveNV has become a resource of resources for cancer patients and survivors in the state of Nevada. The patient navigators have been incredibly helpful as we share resources to help patients, caregivers, and medical professionals. The addition of bilingual navigators has been an enormous value-… Read More
Natalie S., Survivor and Community Partner

Nevada Cancer Coalition's [ThriveNV program] is the best resource in Nevada for everything cancer. They are so knowledgeable and willing to assist whenever needed. I always say, ‘I wish every state had this program because the care and knowledge you all have is unmatched!' They are experts at… Read More

Nicole, Community Partner / Patient Navigator

With the help of ThriveNV and the Nevada Cancer Coalition, CHA has been able to stay up to date on patient resources, whether it's cancer prevention or cancer treatment this Coalition knows it all. Throughout the years, we have collaborated on cancer prevention projects and patient navigation. I… Read More

Liz, FQHC Cancer Care Coordinator, Community Clinic Partner, Northern Nevada

Working together with ThriveNV, specifically with Amy Thompson, made all the difference when it came to giving our mutual patient the resources and the help he needed to get back to good health. By having the support and input of ThriveNV, I found the necessary tools to pave a clear and easy… Read More

Ivonne, Case Manager, Community Clinic Partner, Northern Nevada