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We have created this page to help you learn more about the cancer journey from professionals around the nation. Scroll below to view online webinars, information from across the web, or recommended reading.

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Survivorship: Spanish & English - Download

As you finish cancer treatment, you might be wondering: What happens next? The answer is different for every person. Some people return to the lives they were leading before their diagnosis, while the lives of others are significantly changed by their cancer experience. The challenge for every survivor is figuring out how to return to everyday life while adjusting to the effects of the disease and its treatment.

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Life After Treatment for American Indian Communities

Brought to you by The Circle Of Life, this booklet provides cancer education and resources to help community health representatives and health educators work within American Indian and Alaska Native communities. These resources provide ways for communities, families and individuals to stay well, get well, find cancer cures, and continue on their journey.

The Cancer Care Team – An Introductory Lesson

Diagnosing and treating cancer is complex. People often need the experience and skills of several different medical and health professionals to treat cancer. These professionals involved in a patient's cancer care make up the oncology team. This can also be called your cancer care team, health care team, or multidisciplinary care team.

> Visit the Oncology Team Website from

What You Need to Know When You Have STARTED TREATMENT

This checklist provides an overview of important information and actions to help you manage your health after you have completed treatment for cancer.

What You Need to Know When You Have FINISHED TREATMENT

This checklist provides an overview of important information and actions to help you manage your health after you have completed treatment for cancer.

It Helps to Have Friends When Mom or Dad Has Cancer

It’s hard to have a parent with cancer! But there are things that can help you during this time. Here you can find out some of the things kids worry about and go through. We’ll also tell you about some things that may help you deal with cancer in your family.       

After Diagnosis - A Guide for Patients and Families

Finding out you have cancer can bring many changes for your and your loved ones. You probably have lots of questions. This document answers many questions about cancer and cancer treatment. We also tell you what you can expect from the people and services that are there to help you cope with cancer.       

National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship 2020 Survey Results

Takeaways: Advice from cancer survivors, top concerns, and expectations from survivors across the nation.       

Triage Cancer's Guide to Getting and Paying for Prescription Drugs

Takeaways: Understanding the way your insurance covers your prescription drugs and taking advantage of available resources, can help you reduce your costs.

Download the Guide

National Cancer Institute: Paying for Clinical Trials

As you think about taking part in a clinical trial, you will face the issue of how to cover the costs of care. There are two types of costs in a clinical trial: patient care costs and research costs.

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