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Life After Treatment for American Indian Communities

02 February, 2021

Life After Treatment: The Next Chapter in Your Survivorship Journey

Brought to you by The Circle Of Life, this booklet provides cancer education and resources to help community health representatives and health educators work within American Indian and Alaska Native communities. These resources provide ways for communities, families and individuals to stay well, get well, find cancer cures, and continue on their journey.

Cancer patients work with a team of health care providers during cancer treatment. As the end of treatment nears, there will be fewer visits with this cancer care team. Some people look forward to making fewer trips to visit the cancer care team, while others may feel lost and alone without a health care provider. To help make this change easier, cancer survivors should ask their cancer specialist (or oncologist) to provide a summary of treatments received. This summary will be helpful when survivors seek care from other health care providers after treatment, such as primary care providers or a family health care provider. A survivorship care plan can be developed by the cancer survivor, cancer specialist (oncologist), and health care provider who will provide care after treatment. Visit the American Cancer Society’s website at for a list of organizations that provide survivorship care plans.