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Thrive Kitchen
Thrive Kitchen: Welcome, and Rx Fruits and Veggies
11 November, 2021
This month we're kicking off a new ThriveNV feature: Thrive Kitchen. It's an opportunity to focus on food--what's healthy, delicious and helpful for…
Gracefully Made Crochet hats
Gracefully Crocheted
10 October, 2021
We were blessed this week to receive a donation of handmade crochet beanies from Gracefully Made Crochet, a local artist who makes and donates…
Thrive Book CLUB
Thrive Book Club: Let's get 'Radical'
10 October, 2021
People diagnosed with cancer often fall into two categories when it comes to information about their illness. They either can’t get enough…
Debbie Anderson
People Are Worth Fighting For: Debbie Anderson's Story
08 August, 2021
Profiles of Courage: Debbie Anderson's Breast Cancer Survivor Story My name is Debbie Anderson, some may know me as an employee of…
Cancer Community Clubhouse
New programs launched at The Center in Reno
07 July, 2021
A new series of programs for cancer survivors and thrivers, caregivers and loved ones begins Aug. 16, organized by Reno nonprofit Cancer Community…
Powerful Tools for Caregivers
New Workshop Sessions for Caregivers in July, August & September
07 July, 2021
Dignity Health St. Rose Dominican in Las Vegas is offering two new sessions of its "Powerful Tools for Caregivers" workshop. The six-week series…
COG Family Handbook cover
Children's Oncology Group Family Handbook
06 June, 2021
The Children's Oncology Group Family Handbook provides families with reliable information about treatment, support, and follow-up care for…
Children with Cancer booklet cover
Children with Cancer: A Guide for Parents
06 June, 2021
If your child has cancer, this guide can help you every step of the way. This guide can be printed as a PDF booklet, or viewed as an ePub…
Cancer Community Clubhouse video chat with Amy Thompson
A Chat with the Founders of Cancer Community Clubhouse
06 June, 2021
Cancer Community Clubhouse is one of northern and rural Nevada's newest resources for cancer survivors and thrivers. Founded by Natalie Zacharczyk…
Brigette Cole
Brigette's Story
06 June, 2021
It was the worst of circumstances. A not-quite 28-year-old woman - newly relocated, unemployed, and uninsured - feels a small lump on her left…
Love Legacy book cover
Love Legacy: A guidebook for families anticipating the death of a parent
05 May, 2021
"Love Legacy: A guidebook for families anticipating the death of a parent" hopes to help families through a parent's illness and death by…
Ashley L
Empowerment in Survivorship Through Self-Love
05 May, 2021
Ashley L. doesn’t consider herself to be a survivor. “I just shoved it away and disassociated from the entire experience,” she says of the…